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Point Fixed Curtain Wall
alt A point-fixing curtain wall is one type of non-frame curtain wall that consists of glass panels, point-fixing components on such panels and their supporting structures.

Adopt tensioned cable / rod system as supporting structure of the point-fixing glass curtain wall. The entire structural system is made of cable / rod, stainless steel rod, glass connecting claw and so on. According to the actual situation of the main structure, horizontal and vertical direction could be selected as the main forced direction, tensioned cable / rod on the main forced direction as the bidirectional forced system and could adopt two kinds of form, fish-bellied or cross type.

According to various elements of the system, it could be divided into tensioned cable system, tensioned cable / rod hybrid system and so on, and could be flexible composite applications. tensioned cable / rod system as space tensioned structural support system, the main technical characteristics are as follows.

■ Transparent sense of the whole curtain wal l is rather strong, and the supporting system is simple and generous.

■ The special metallic texture of stainless steel cables, rods and other elements highlights the unique structural aesthetic feeling with a strong decorative effect;

■ System technology and manufacturing processes are well-developed and reliable, so the accuracy and quality etc are easily to be guaranteed;

■ Systems are constituted relatively simple and reasonable, economical and practical;

■ Space tensioned structural system needs certain embed dimension, taking up some interior space;

■ In the structural system, all the pre-tension forces are imposed on the main structure at the boundary of curtail wall, and thus a corresponding increase in the bearing capacity of the main structure is required.

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