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Stick Curtain Wall System
alt A stick curtain wall is a type of frame-supporting curtain wall that requires on-site installation of individual framing components to form the supporting grid for curtain wall panels.The panels can be made of various materials,including glass,metal,stone,and artificial materials.

All the constituent components in embedded bracket systems, support frame systems and sheet systems, if installed on construction piece by piece successively, are called structural member type curtain wall.

Structural member type curtain wall has the virtue of being flexible and simple on system configuration, and also highly adaptable and economic, which is especially suitable for shaped, complex building facade, such as triangular and irregular polygon curtain wall, space folding surface curtain wall, convex-concave elevation curtain wall, double-curved faces walls and so on. It flexibly adopts glass, metal plate, stone and artificial plates as its finish materials. Each type of structural member type glass curtain wall of Yuanda has its own unique technical advantages as well as the following common characteristics:

■ Curtain wall components are separated by the use of non-metallic washer to avoid hard contact. Connections between transoms and mullions, mullions and mullions are movable connections with high plane deformation and aseismatic performance which are highly adjustable under the conditions of inter-level drift and temperature-induced deformation without creating additional stress and friction noise.

■ Curtain wall embedded bracket systems can realize three-dimensional adjustment in all directions, which is easy for installation and with a strong ability to absorb construction deviation, and also the efficient and accurate installation with a sound quality can be easily achieved

■ It is easy and flexible for installation; and it is easy to replace, repair and maintain.

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