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Semi Unitized Curtain Wall System
alt A Semi-unitized curtain wall is a type of curtain wall which has the combined features of stick curtain wall and unitized curtain wall. All components of semi-unitized curtain wall except main keels are fabricated and assembled into unitized panels at our production facilities, and then delivered to construction sites to be fixed on main keels for installation.


Semi unitized curtain wall is a kind of curtain wall system which is between stick curtain wall and unitized curtain wall, with combined advantages and features. Its basic structural principle is to fabricate other curtain wall components with the exception of main keels, to assembly them into unitized panel, and then to deliver them to construction site for purpose of being fixed on main keels. Compared with regular structural member type glass curtain wall, semi unitized curtain wall has many predominant advantages in terms of bunch production, accuracy degree and quality for fabrication and installation, and repair and maintenance, etc.. Please see the main technical characteristics about semi unitized curtain wall system researched and developed by Yuanda itself as below:

■ As this system is of high bunch production and high fabrication & assembly precision for elements, the quality is easy to be controlled.

■ Fast installation, simple operation, short construction period, and high efficiency of construction.

■ Three layers of sealing is made inside curtain wall, with Rain Screen Principle for water proof purpose, and perfect drainage system is established inside the system. Water resistance and sealing properties are reliable and stable.

■ The dry type structural sealing method is adopted among unitized panels, and the traditional jointing sealing sealant has already been replaced by sealing sealant strip, which ensures not only sealing property, but also an effective decrease on pollution level on the surface of curtain wall, nice appearance and neatness, with improvement of decorative effect.

■ Unitized panel is small, flexible and convenient, and easy for installation, maintenance and replacement.

■ Flexible use of glass, metal panel, stone and artificial panel, and other decorative materials.

■ Make no changes in the basic system structure; if necessary, can be made into concealed framed, exposed framed, semi-concealed, exposed concealed mixed frame.

■ If necessary, the vertical fin (glass, aluminum, terra cotta panel), the horizontal decorative / sun-shading cantilevered sheet (support frame), etc., can be set.

■ Reasonable selection and usage of materials, high comprehensive cost performance and reasonable price.

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